And just when I thought I’ve seen all the best things Arizona has to offer, it keeps coming back bigger + better to prove me wrong. 

A few weeks ago, Marissa had discovered a place called Cibeque Falls via Instagram, and knowing our love for waterfalls, we knew we had to go.
This adventure was particularly special to me, since it would probably be the last one I’d take with Marissa before she leaves me for DC (cries). Sydney and Brooke also came along, plus some other boys who don’t really matter (just kidding).

For those of you who are reading this and are planning to go find this gem for yourselves, make sure you bring a strong car. The last part of the road gets pretty rocky. You get to drive through the river for a bit, and I know my Prius 97% would have died during that experience (3% chance he could’ve made it… never doubt the Prius). 

At the beginning of the trail, you'll be hiking along the side of the river, but after a while, you’ll be crossing through it most of the time. The hike in itself is incredible. You’ll find yourself walking through the river inside the most quiet canyon, wandering underneath incredible rock formations, with the occasional pebble getting stuck in your toes. This place makes you feel things, people.

We got lucky with the prettiest overcast weather that kept us cool and also made for the best lighting (a photographer’s dream). Every single part of this 1.5 mile hike is overwhelmingly beautiful, so make sure you stop and take in the view every once in a while.

When you reach the end, you get treated with the most beautiful waterfall tucked in between the bright red canyons. It’ll surprise you too - you hardly hear it until you turn the corner and actually see it, which is surprising considering how strongly it flows. It started raining once we got there too, so the colors of the canyons against the water were only even more brilliant and incredible. 


Though it was raining on + off during our time at the waterfall, we didn’t question going in for a swim. How could you not? For a while, it even started pouring - luckily, there was a little cave that kept us from getting soaked, so we took the opportunity to rest our toes and shared a cup of Adam + Kevin’s famous mashed potato ramen (a packet of ramen mixed with mashed potatoes - it tastes better than it sounds). 

This was my favorite moment of the trip. Huddled together underneath the cave, with sounds of rainfall, thunder, and a pounding waterfall harmonizing together in the back. We were also plenty entertained by Marissa and Syd’s outrageous (and hilarious) complaining and screaming that we had to “leave right now or else we’ll be caught in a flash flood or get struck by thunder and die”. In the meanwhile, Chris taught me how to skip a rock.

Thankfully, the rain died down after a while, and we got to hike back under some light rain. 


Can’t tell you enough how lucky I am to have these friends of mine. The kind of friends who always say yes - no matter how early you wake them up, how far you make them drive, or how long the hike takes them to finish. Thanks for always being down for whatever, and making me laugh along the way. I love you awesome people.