It feels a little surreal that I even get to write about this. Hawaii always seemed like one of those places I’d visit much later on in life.

Back in November, I asked Natalie (half-jokingly*), asking if she’d want to go to Hawaii with me. 
*Half-jokingly, since I knew she’d be someone who might actually dare to say yes - and mean it. We booked our tickets the next day.


From the moment we arrived, you could immediately tell that Natalie and I were new to the island - frantically searching for wild coconuts, blasting “Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride” on our phones, giddy from the simple presence of green. 

This whole trip just felt like one big daydream. We spent our days climbing trees, paddling to different islands, running on piers, hiking mountains, and even swam with wild turtles. WILD TURTLES
We are so lucky to have had Heather as our host + tour guide. Our Hawaii experience would not have been the same without her. (Thank you, Heather - we are so, so thankful for you!)

This place was even more incredible than everyone described it to be. I've fallen head over heels with the easy, carefree lifestyle of this island, and I can’t fucking wait to come back.